Dance of Deceit draws enthusiastic crowd!

The Five & Dime Drama Collective was thrilled with the level of audience and local business support for this production. All donors and sponsors are listed at the bottom of the Five & Dime web site. We truly appreciate the City's financial support and the opportunity to perform in the Auditorium.

Director Larry Horns provides pep talk to cast in green room.


Larry Horn directed the world premiere of this multimedia production that featured an all local cast including veterans of local theater alongside relative newcomers. The Dance of Deceit cast were paired into three couples, each occupying adjacent motel rooms.



Chuck Landis as Phil and Sandra CH Smith as Carmen

Phil (Chuck Landis) and Carmen (Sandra CH Smith) were in the center, eavesdropping on the unfolding drama on either side. They reminisced about trials and tribulations during their forty year marriage and commented on the precarious nature of relationships these days. They danced everything from a strip tease to a sorrowful slow dance.


Heather Huber as Penny and Wyatt Pavelsek as MIchael



Michael (Wyatt Pavelsek) and Penny (Heather Huber) arrived with frisky intentions and danced with youthful exuberance, but veered into quarrels over their conflicting priorities and loyalties, culminating in violence.





Trevor (Bryan Manire) and Barb (Jules Maben) shared a jaded perspective on their marriages and a scheming corporate alliance, but ultimately descended into a deadly tug-of-war between control and love.



Local writer Lucilla Garrett wrote, “The actors were elevated and believable, thanks no doubt to a director that took them there … the play sashayed through these marital mazes with clever, spiked and authentic speed.”

At the “Talk Back” session after the show, about 30 people offered constructive ideas for incorporating more music and clarifying key scenes. They commented on the effectiveness of literary references and Shakespearean devices. Receiving audience feedback is a key objective of the Five & Dime Drama Collective and this was a very useful session indeed!

As part of the Eureka Springs May Festival of the Arts, Five & Dime Drama Collective drew on the talents of some iconic local artists for various aspects of the production:  John Rankine created film noir style photographs of “naughty dolls” that were projected overhead during the production. Each cast couple was represented by overhead projections of a pair of dolls or stuffed animals who performed illicit acts (on behalf of the cast), much to the amusement of the audience.


Pearl Brick, Catherine Reed and Steve Zimmerman played live music on stage during the play, their lyrics interweaving with the action on stage. Danny Morris created a beautiful backdrop for the band in the form of a giant jukebox. Lucilla Garrett noted: “The production was quite wonderful. The music was an integral, effective part, in that it affirmed and pushed the plot, offered comic relief at times and generally extended a comforting hand.”

To catalog the production, Richard Quick volunteered his time to shoot hundreds of photos of the final dress rehearsal, many of which are now displayed on the Five & Dime website. Rod & Hawk Slane videotaped the live performance and Chris Lewis will do post production to create a high quality recording of the show. The video will be available soon for those who missed the one-time performance.

Behind the scenes, several locals participated in key aspects of the production. Jeff Sargent was Assistant Director, acting as prompter and choreographer. Jeff also stepped into a technical role running lights during the performance. Carl Rohne also acted as prompter during rehearsals and helped cast members with running their lines. Playwright Tom Gorsuch built the set in his garage and assembled the set on stage with help from Ed Bibber, Verne Rudebusch, Phyllis Popplewell and Todd Paden. Ed also stepped into a technical role running microphones and sound special effects during the production. Jason Davis was in charge of cuing the overhead projections and curtain. Lorrie Davis ran the curtain and backstage special effects. Ron Sumner of Eureka Sound was responsible for light and sound set-up. Verne Rudebusch was the House Manager with box office assistance from Linda Caldwell and Anna Matthews. Ann Hopkins was the publicist and also did fundraising for the production, with help from Charles Templeton. Carl, Verne & Phyllis also distributed posters. Verne, Phyllis and others procured props. This dedicated team is appreciated beyond measure!

Many more photos from the final dress rehearsal are included on this web site. Go to the end of the "2017 Spring Production" section and click on the "View More Photos" button.  Enjoy! Thanks again to Richard Quick for all the wonderful photos!

Planning for a 2017 Fall Performance Series will start over the summer. Stay tuned for a Script Solicitation in July.