Dance of Deceit
cast members include:

Sandra CH Smith and C.L. “Chuck” Landis play Carmen and Phil, retired academics on a road trip, with a lust for life and for each other.

Heather Huber and Wyatt Pavelsek play Penny and Michael, an aspiring actress enjoying a tryst with a married man, whose wife is just two rooms away.

Jules Maben and Bryan Manire play Barb and Trevor, ambitious executives plotting a corporate power grab while cheating on their spouses.

Dance of Deceit will be performed on May 7th at 2:00 at The Auditorium as part of the Eureka Springs May Festival of the Arts. The production is supported by the City of Eureka Springs. Get tickets now!

Ensemble Cast Photo

Back Row from Left:
Chuck Landis, Sandra CH Smith, Bryan Manire, Tom Gorsuch (author), Jeff Sargent (Assistant Director), Larry Horn (Director)

Front Row from Left:
Jules Maben, Wyatt Pavelsek, Heather Huber